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Nail Cutting

At The Foot Space we are committed to helping people to look after their feet and this includes the simple task of nail cutting that many people struggle with. It is very important to have a suitably qualified person to cut your nails and who is able to check your feet for any problems.

Our Podiatry Assistant (Foot Care Assistant), Hannah Craig, has been trained at The Foot Space and is certified by The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. She offers a safe, professional and cost effective nail cutting service.

A Nail Cutting appointment usually starts with a footbath, followed by nails being cut and filed then moisturiser applied to the feet. The Podiatry Assistant may need to use a drill on the nails and/or a sanding machine on the skin for areas of minor hard skin. An appointment with the Podiatry Assistant takes approximately 20 minutes.

If your nails are complicated or you have any additional concerns or problems with your nails or feet our podiatrists are always on hand to offer advice. Our podiatrists also offer a nail cutting appointment should they or you feel it is necessary for a podiatrist to treat your nails rather than the Podiatry Assistant. If Hannah feels that you need to be referred to the podiatrist for further treatment she will advise you of this.

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Nail Cutting

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