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Home visits are available to people with limited mobility and are unable to come to the clinic - please call to enquire.
Physiotherapy and Massage also available.

Manipulation & Mobilisation

Manipulation and mobilisation are specialist techniques used to treat lower limb and foot problems. It may be recommended by your podiatrist/chiropodist once they have seen you for an initial assessment. This treatment is particularly useful for aches and pains in the feet. It is used to adjust the position of your joints so that they function better.

Mobilisation is a very subtle movement and requires the clinician to feel for small movements in specific joints. They will be able to feel if the joint has become stiff and with the smallest of pain-free directional movement, adjust the joint position.

Manipulation is slightly more forceful, but is not painful. Again the practitioner will be feeling for individual joint abnormalities, but this time the joint is forced into the correct position by applying pressure.

The initial appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. It may be necessary to extend this to 60 minutes and further appointments are usually required your podiatrist/chiropodist will advise you accordingly at the time of your appointment

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Manipulation & Mobilisation

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